Sumatera Rhinoceros

Sumatra Rhinoceros

Sumatra rhinoceros is a rare species from Rhnicerotidae family and also one of five species rhino that is still exist. Sumatra Rhino is the only species that is still exist from Dicerorhinus genus. This rhino is the smallest rhino, but still belong to big primates animal. 
It has height about 120-145 cm ,the length is 250 cm and thw weight is around 500-800 kg. Like the African species it has 2 horns. The nose horn is much bigger, around 15-25 cm, the other horn is much smaller usually it length is 10 cm. The horn color is dark grey or black.The male has bigger horn than the female one. It can live for 30-45 years. It body is covered by layer of fat that protect the body from the hot sun. Just like other rhino, it vision is bad although it can clibe and cross the river with ease.
Sumatra Rhino live on mountain forest, swamp, and rain forest. It live on hill area that near from water ,specially in the valley top area with a lot of bush. Sumatra rhino spread widely ,…

My Holiday

There werent any interesting event happening in my two weeks of school break. But of course there are some event that made my holiday felt amazing. For the first week of my holiday i spend the whole week in my grandmother house and picked up my dad from airport and my little brother from his school. I spent 4 days in my grandmother house, and there werent any exciting stuff there im just sleep, play , eat the whole day. I just came there to accompany my mother because she wont went alone,so thats why i came there with just that one purpose even i knew that there is nothing i can do there. We went home at morning 4 am and arrive at 9 am, went from the station by car to home. 
We arrived at home on 10 am because my house is a bit far, after rested a bit we packed up our stuff preparing for another journey to airport. I felt so tired after arrived from my grandmother house but my mother was a beginner so i had to accompany her to the airport by car, well now my little brother we…


Student Leadership Training
Student Leadership Training is an Obligatory Program for all the first year student. Every student must participate in this program however if the student cant attend the program this year then he or she must participate the program next year. This program take place in a military camp base. The student will be in the military base for 3 days 2 night.

This program's purpose is to increase the student's mental to be much stronger to face their problem in the future and to fix students manners to be better. The activity in this program isnt that different from what we usually do everyday,like breakfast,lunch,study,sleep,and many more, but the soldier who guide us make this actitvity feels different and more educating. In the first day the program start with an opening by the military colonel and my headmaster. After that we had a lunch,and this is where the activity getting intense, we only had around 5 minute to eat our lunch after 5 minute pass, we…

A Plan for Holiday

A Conversation between Adli and Ilham regarding plans after doing evaluation at school

Ilham :"Hello Adli, what will you do after evaluation test at school?"
Adli   :"I will go to DUFAN with my family"
Ilham :"Nice plan,i think DUFAN will be a good a place for relaxing your mind.When will you go to DUFAN?"
Adli   :"I'll go there a week after the evaluation test end"
Ilham :"So, by what you will go there?"
Adli   :"I think i will go there with my family's car and my older brother will be the driver."
Ilham :"Well,if you go there by car you should be ready for the traffic jam everywhere"
Adli   :"Yeah,I know, it will be a long way to get there but I think its worth the wait"
Ilham :"Just be patient..hahhahaha.So with whom you will go there?"
Adli   :"I will go there with my dad,mom,and my brother ,but my sister cant join ,because she have a plan with her husband to go to Pangandaran Beach
Ilham :…

Grateful Experience


Today i'd like to tell you about one of my meaningful experience.
So this was happened about a week ago,on Friday to be exact.

The night before it,someone in the school chat group said that tomorrow,the sports uniform will be shared to the student.So i though that i should't bring my old sports uniform,because the new one will be shared tommorow. So i pack my bag for school tommorow,excluding my uniform.

In the morning,i do the same thing i do everyday,you know like took a bath,pray shubuh,breakfast,and finally go to school by a motorcycle,of course its my mother who ride it because im only 16. In the way to school, i feel a bit panic for my decision that a made,but i always remember my friend word in the group chat,so i feel a bit relived.

Finally i arrive at school,then go to my class,then the lesson begun. And its where i started feeling PANIC.So i was in a chemistry class,then the teacher said "Is everybody bring sports uniform?",everyone said yes,and only…

A Meeting at the Library

A Meeting at the Library
Nabil :"Hey, I always see you here afterschool. May I know what you are doing right now?"

Ilham :"Oh, Hey. Currently, I'm studying Physcics for tomorrow's test."

Nabil :"Wow, how diligent of you. May I know who you are? Coincidently, I really love Physics."

Ilham :"Sure, I'm Ilham from X Science 12. How about you?"

Nabil :"I'm Nabil from X Science 3. I'm sorry to ask this so sudden, but can I ask you a question about my Physics homework that I don't understand? It's about solid motion."

Ilham :"Sure, I'll do what I can to help you. Can you show me the question, please?"

Nabil :"Here you go."

Ilham :"Oohh, this... I think, first you should remember newton's laws. As for this question, you should sum the cube 1 and 2's net force in x and y direction, and then substitute the equation to eliminate the same variabel. And thus, you'll find the accelaration …